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Interesting Ispahan - photo's & videos



Below, you will find pictures and videos from performances and photoshoots, as well as amateur pictures taken before or after shows we performed at (in chronological order, top to bottom).. Some of the pictures give access to a slideshow and, if you 'double click' they will open automatically. Enjoy!

Mundo Oriental Gala Show (10/2012)


Belly 2 Belly Hafla (09/2012)


Orient Party (09/2012)


The Gala Oriental (02/2012)


Belly-2-Belly Festival (09/2011)


Mundo Oriental (09/2011)


Private Event - Koblenz, Germany (08/2011)

Ispahan on Tour- film



The MK Hafla (06/2011)


Performance Film


World Belly Dance Day (05/2011)

Performance Film




Premiere Pictures


Slideshow Premiere (04/2011)
(click to start)

(Pictures by various photographers, among those by Peter, who is in the above picture,
second from the right is Asiya, all ed
iting by Kashka!)


Premiere film


Photoshoot 12/2010
(click on the picture)

(pictures by Peter Gartsen, editing by Kashka!)


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