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Joining Ispahan?

Ispahan is not an ordinary dancegroup, were everything is arranged for you and you just have to turn up and learn the steps.. It operates in a much more organic way and is therefore less structured. This working method is asking a lot of all the participants, more input, more cooperation, more motivation and more energy, but it also opens doors to opportunities you might otherwise not get and is artisticly more rewarding. It is creating art, it is a group effort. Not always easy or straightforward, but exhiting, fresh and interesting. If you have the stamina, flexibility of mind and drive, Ispahan opens its doors to new dancers, but this also is done in a not so 'normal way' were jou can just apply and join at the beginning of the new season..

fresco at the Chehel Sotun Palace

Timing is everything. With every application, we decide whether or not the group is ready for an extra dancer. Besides that, the applicants need to 'fit in' and comply with certain quality’s, such as experience in dancing and performing Oriental/ Belly dance. Furthermore the place of residence will play a role, since we rehearse in the province of Limburg, in the Netherlands. And last but not least, Ispahan has a couple of rules and regulations, that will be sent to aspiring members, which intend to secure a fun, motivated and fair working relationship.

So, are you a highly motivated experienced dancer, located in close proximity of the south region of the Netherlands, with time to spend (on practise, practise, practise..) and with lots of ideas, wanting to perform in a group?

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You'll never know, what might happen.. maybe, one day, you're on these pages too!...