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Hello everyone!

Are you a dancer who performes in a group, who is thinking of doing so, or perhaps you are considering starting a dance group of your own? Or maybe you just want to broaden your horizon...

Then.. this might be an interesting workshop for you!


Flexibility of body, mind, dance and soul..
(workshop content)

Flexibility of the body:
We start with a sturdy work-out (with, of course, some stretching), as a warming-up for this workshop and rest of the day, in case you are performing later on!

Flexibility of the mind:
Background information on the (mental) process that leads to more flexibility and how you can train this (and use it in dance.. as well as other areas of your life).

Flexibility in choreo's & dance group:
Working in a group, making choreos together.. A group is a unity, but also consist of individuals and both make a group performance interesting to watch.. How do you combine both worlds? Let's get dancing!

Flexibility of the soul:
Lovely cooling down (also very helpful in case you are performing later on this day!) with some wonderfully relaxing Yoga for Dancers.

This workshop will be available on:
Saturday 13 Oktober
, at the Mundo Oriental Festival, Kempen (Germany)
Infos: Amira Shazadi (http://www.mundo-oriental.eu/)


Ispahan, a dance group

Ispahan is a dance group, based in the south of the Netherlands. The group consists of experienced dancers: we all have years of experience in performing (and have had years and years of training before that).., but as we formed Ispahan, we faced new challenges. Yes, of course, we all danced duets sometimes (with close friends, mostly, not with strangers), or danced with fellow dance classmates.. but that's different. Besides being a groupmember, we also are all individuals with individual qualities and for this workshop we are putting them to use for you!
For more information on us, please go to our website, check this page especially, or read our blog. Thank you very much for your time!

We hope to welcome you to our workshop, at....

Mundo Oriental!




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